What Is the Short Code Registry?


What Is a Short Code?

To understand what the Short Code Registry is, it’s important first to understand what a “short code” is.

A short code is a 5 or 6-digit SMS phone number that businesses use to communicate with people who opt-in to their text message campaigns, such as 33733. Consumers text a corresponding SMS keyword to the short code to subscribe, and then receive SMS and MMS messages on their mobile phone.

AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and other major wireless carriers developed SMS short codes as an alternative to regular 10-digit mobile phone numbers. Compared to traditional 10-digit phone numbers, SMS short codes are much easier for consumers to read and recall, as they are about half the length. For more information about SMS short codes, click here.


What Is the Short Code Registry?

The Short Code Registry, along with the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA), oversees the technical and operational aspects of the common short code functions and maintains a single database of available, reserved, and registered common short codes. Among its responsibility as the governing body of common short codes, the Short Code Registry also provides a searchable database of available short codes, case studies, resources, information about industry partners, and industry news.

To learn more about the Short Code Registry, click here.


How Would a Brand Use the Short Code Registry?

The Short Code Registry provides resources about text message marketing best practices, available short codes, and information about industry partners. For example, if a brand wanted to search for an available short code, the brand could visit the Short Code Registry website and use their short code search tool. They’ve simplified the search process by including filter options such as cool names, easy-to-remember 5 and 6 digits, repeating pairs, and more. Using this search tool paired with the US Short Code Directory’s short code lookup tool, brands can find a short code that fits their brand the best.




The Short Code Registry also provides information about approved application providers, content providers, and aggregators. For example, if a brand were looking for an application solution, the Short Code Registry has a list of approved industry partners.


The Short Code Registry is a great resource for everything about mobile marketing. Learn more about the Short Code Registry here.

What Is the US Short Code Directory Learning Center?

Another resource for SMS marketing, the US Short Code Directory Learning Center is a central source for SMS short code questions and answers. It contains a wide range of resources about short codes, compliance, tips, and more.

To understand the type of resources users can find, below are some frequently asked questions that the learning center answers:

To find the answers to your SMS short code questions, visit the US Short Code Directory Learning Center here.