What is the SMS Short Code Directory?

The SMS Short Code Directory is the #1 SMS short code lookup tool to help you find information on who owns a given SMS short code. The SMS Short Code Directory was created in 2016, and was the first publicly available SMS short code list.

The SMS Short Code Directory functions include the following:

  • Maintaining a publicly accessible SMS short code directory, which contains the ownership information for SMS short codes in the United States.
  • Providing SMS short code resources that are publicly available, giving people the ability to learn about SMS short codes.
  • Assisting brands and organizations in the acquisition of their own SMS short codes through The Short Code Registry.


What is a SMS Short Code?

In the United States, an SMS short code is a 5-6 digit phone number used for SMS marketing, usually between a business or organization, and a consumer. A consumer will usually engage with an SMS short code by either text messaging an SMS keyword to the short code, or by entering their mobile phone number into a website form. SMS Short codes in the United States are regulated by the CTIA.

To lookup the owner of an SMS short code, use the SMS short code lookup tool.If you’re interested in getting a SMS short code, the first step is to find an available SMS short code here. Once you’ve found an available SMS short code, you can contact the SMS Short Code Directory to help you secure that given phone number.


Benefits of Buying Your Own SMS Short Code

There are many benefits to buying your own SMS short code. Some of the benefits are listed below.

  • Brand Recognition: Just as customers come to recognize a brand’s website address, 1-800 number, or social media handles, so will they with a brand’s SMS short code. Buying your own SMS short code provides complete exclusivity of that SMS short code number.
  • SMS Keyword Exclusivity: When you get your own SMS short code, you’re free to use any imaginable SMS keyword, allowing for maximum creativity, and functionality.
  • Brand Security: Your own SMS short code gives you the ability to control the entire consumer experience from end to end, ensuring the consumer’s mobile messaging experience is consistent with brand expectations.
  • Security: Getting your own SMS short code provides organizations in the financial services, healthcare and government sectors a high level of security, and maximum control.
  • Activity Control: Dedicated short codes allow brands to have complete control of how their short code is used. Control in this instance is critical for any national brand.
  • Scalability: When it comes to SMS marketing, SMS messaging speed is critical. Having your own SMS short code allows your business direct access to wireless carriers.
  • Data Ownership: By utilizing your own SMS short code, a brand will have unfettered access to the SMS messages you and your customer exchange, allowing for them to have complete insight into their communications.
  • Database Portability: Customers come to know and expect your brand’s messages on a specific short code number. It’s important for brands to own that number in the case of a migration to another SMS provider.
  • Expanded Functionality: With your own SMS short code, your brand can run certain types of text messaging campaigns, that would not be possible on a shared SMS short code. For example, your own SMS short code would allow your brand to run a text messaging campaign where customers could simply text message you their email addresses. This type of campaign functionality is only available when you purchase your own SMS short code.
  • Increased Messaging Throughputs: When a business leases their own SMS short code, they’re getting exclusive access to their own SMS messaging server, ensuring that they get the highest SMS messaging throughputs available, without any slowdown in SMS messaging speeds.


Request a Change to the Directory

The community is a vital element in maintaining the SMS Short Code Directory. We encourage the public to contact the SMS Short Code Directory if they believe an error has been made in the directory. To the contact the SMS Short Code Directory, use the contact form here. When submitting comments, please identify the SMS short code, explain the nature of the error, and recommend an appropriate remedy.


What is The Short Code Registry?

The Short Code Registry is run by run the CTIA, a trade association representing the wireless communications industry since 1984. The nonprofit organization’s members include wireless carriers and suppliers, and manufacturers and providers of wireless products and services.

Short codes are an industry-wide initiative made possible through the mutual agreement and cooperation of many parties, including wireless service providers, application providers, content providers and aggregators. Together, these specialized service providers help brand marketers leverage short codes to engage customers. 

In January 2016, iconectiv became the official administrator of the Short Code registry.

You can visit The Short Code Registry here: https://usshortcodes.com/