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What is a SMS Short Code?

For a business to text message a consumer on their mobile phone, they have to use a unique 5-6 digit phone number called an SMS short code. The U.S. Short Code Directory was established in 2015, as the only public address book for SMS short codes in the United States.

The team at the U.S. Short Code Directory not only maintains the SMS short code directory, they also assist brands with the process of acquiring their own dedicated short codes.

Interested in buying your own short code? Let the SMS short code experts at the U.S. Short Code Directory help your brand buy & provision your next SMS short code.

US Short Code Directory Team Photo
SMS Short Code Example 5
Bernie Sanders Short Code 82623 - Example 11
SMS Short Code Example 4
SMS Short Code Example 1
SMS Short Code Example 9
SMS Short Code Example 3
SMS Short Code Example 6
SMS Short Code Example 7

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SMS Short Code Resources

TCPA Compliance

Violating the TCPA can result in costly lawsuits for your brand. Learn how to remain TCPA compliant when using your SMS short code.

CTIA Compliance

Violating CTIA guidelines can result in your SMS short code being suspended. Learn how to remain CTIA compliant.

Migrating Short Codes

Learn how to migrate an SMS short code from one provider to another, while still remaining CTIA and TCPA compliant.

Short Code FAQ

Have questions about SMS short codes, or text message marketing? Find out all the answers to your SMS short code questions right here.

SMS Aggregators

Need to find an SMS aggregator to host your SMS short code? Look no further, as we have all the SMS aggregators here.

Stop Short Code Spam

Need information on how to stop SMS short code spam? Learn what causes this spam, and how you can stop it from being sent to your phone.

MMS Short Codes

Interested in sending images or videos via your short code? If so, you'll need to provision an MMS short code. Learn more here.

Political Short Codes

Interested in provisioning a dedicated short code for your political campaign or group? Learn all about political SMS short codes right here.

Provision Short Codes

Need to provision a dedicated short code? Learn how to provision a short code here, and how the U.S. Short Code Directory can help.

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