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What Is the Common Short Code Administration?

To understand what the Common Short Code Administration is, it's important first to understand what a "Common Short Code", or sometimes referred to as a "CSC" is.

Technically a short code is a 5-6 digit phone number that can send and receive text messages to only subscribers on the one mobile network that the short code is provisioned on. For example, if you have the short code 12345 provisioned on AT&T, you can only send and receive text messages to phone numbers that are operating on the AT&T network. An example of this would be when a customer of AT&T's text messages a short code to determine their AT&T billing balance. That short code the customer uses can only be used by AT&T customers.

A common short code on the other hand is a short code that has the ability to communicate to all mobile phone numbers, no matter what wireless network they're using. The majority of short codes are common short codes. To learn more about common short codes, click here.

Common Short Code Administration Ecosystem

The Common Short Code Administration (CSCA), along with the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA) oversees the technical and operational aspects of the common short code functions and maintains a single database of available, reserved, and registered common short codes.

To learn more about the Common Short Code Administration, click here.

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