Can Short Codes Send MMS Messages?

Interested in taking your SMS marketing campaign to the next level? Upgrade your SMS short code to send MMS messages, which will allow you to send videos, animated GIFs, and even pictures, all via text message.

MMS Short Code Messaging Specifications

Below are the following specifications for sending MMS images, GIFs or videos to customers.

MMS Images

The recommended image size for an MMS image is 640px by 1138px at a file size up to 400Kb . For 640px by 1138px MMS images, do not put any "content of interest" in the top 129px and the bottom 89px.


The recommended size for an MMS animated gif is 640px by 960px or 480px by 640px at a file size up to 650Kb. The number of animated slides will affect the dimensions you are able to submit under 650Kb.

MMS Videos

The recommended size for an MMS video is 640px or 720px wide if its a widescreen, and 480px wide if it's a tall screen. Recommended MMS video length should be between 25-35 seconds.